Should I abandon the gospel for a trillion dollars?

I was beaten for gospel, kept in poverty, almost starved to death (I once fell and because of the loss of strength from hunger could not reach to a chocolate piece, which I managed to get; I didn’t remember what happened later) and even hit my head with a frying pan.

Despite this, I managed to make a major scientific discovery, which may cost somewhere around a trillion dollars, if not more (you can check if you know the institute mathematics). If I had not been poor and had not been forced to leave the university, then I could have made three such discoveries.

So maybe it would be better to ignore the gospel and do good in my own way? After all, because of my attempt to follow the gospel, several trillion dollars were lost.

It would seem that the answer is unequivocal, “yes”, but:

  • I do not have the right to violate the contract with God, no matter how important it is for people.
  • If you refuse the Gospel, then what to choose (by what criteria to make a choice?):
    • do full-time math and make money for scoundrels and the American elite who keep us in poverty?
    • try, on the contrary, to destroy humanity so that the apocalypse was faster and the angels had fewer problems with us?
    • drop everything or kill yourself?
    • go into politics:
      • try to arrange an anarchist revolution?
      • to develop the existing ridiculous evil system?

In the end, I understood: it is necessary to terminate the contract with God, on the basis of the contract itself, that is, on the basis of the Gospel itself and live not by the Covenant, but only by faith. Read here.

This is the only remaining option. “By law I died to the law,” that is, to the gospel itself. Killed by a frying pan and hunger. People put too complicated problems before me.

So I, now I understand that I was an idiot: I tried to live by a book that teaches not to live by a book.

Since childhood, I understood that the others are idiots too:

  • You make decisions based on the fact that I cannot pay you money, that is, you are fulfilling the decisions of those who “robbed me” (or rather did not let me get out of zero wealth). Scientific institutes, the government of Russia, Israel and the United States implement the decisions of housewives and plasterers, who deprived me of the legal right to receive money for my faith. You are a participant in unlawful discrimination if you do not recognize your money as forged documents.

By the way, you can send money to support my research. By the way, it is illegal to act in another way: whoever does not love is a lawbreaker, because “Love is the fulfillment of the law” (Romans 13:10).


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