I am considering the option of sacrificing myself

Briefly, my story is this: they kept me in poverty and hunger as a punishment for my gospel faith, they hit my head. But I nevertheless made a scientific discovery, which I estimate on the magnitude of a trillion dollars (if you know university mathematics, you can make sure that the discovery is really major).

But what is it worth? All resources, anyway, get to the villains from the American elite and bring little benefit, if any.

I’m still poor now (but now I’m not dying of hunger).

There is a serious problem: I formulated why the entire legal system is illegal. For example: The Russians violated my rights, kept me in hunger, hit my head for the faith, otherwise I could probably have made discoveries for a few more trillions of dollars. So, Russia should, for example, the United States a few trillion. God made me poor. I did not receive a scientific degree because of discrimination, it means that the scientific institutions do me illegally, following the decisions of the discriminating carpenters and housewives. Money is fake documents and this is not a minor violation, as there is a specific case of damage in the trillions of dollars. Otherwise, maybe I would hire a lawyer and sue. Most likely, the judge will ignore the law (as Russians usually do), but what if it succeeds? What then? If Russia will be fined three trillion dollars, what will happen?

Proposed solution: Following Christ’s example, I to sacrifice myself. In the US, there is a death penalty. I consider the following option: Get a visa to the United States for a trip to sue myself for attempting to destroy the global legal system (in the past, I purposefully tried to arrange an anarchist revolution, arguing that “Christ is the end of the law”) and demand a mortal penalty. I now have no money for tickets and a visa is unlikely to give for such a goal, but I can try.

It is important that there be a loud legal process, following the example of the lawsuit of our Lord.

So the options:

  • seek a legal solution;
  • to arrange an anarchic revolution (and switch to bitcoin), because the state has become largely harmful;
  • to ignore the problem, to expect that nothing will happen (the thunder has not yet struck: for the time being, I am an ordinary poor man);
  • sacrifice myself.

Which option to choose? I am only 38 years old and I think I still have time to sacrifice myself later.

Your tips?

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