What is worse: vodka or frying pan?

For stating statements from the Gospel, as I understood them, they did not let me into the church, did not hire me for a job, etc. As a result, I could not earn money either in regular work or in religious work. See also the story of my life, including how I tried to organize several sects.

As a result, I could not leave the city to escape from my mother, who sometimes hit me on the head with a frying pan.

And a solution is simple: for example, start drinking vodka, make friends with men in this way, find a job, run away from the city, in order not to get a frying pan over the head and not live in poverty.

Good decision, isn’t it? Definitely from the vodka much less harm than from the frying pan. So I should have become a drunkard?

I probably would have done that, but Russian men drink for not simply but with sorcery (for health, etc.) And the Gospel strongly condemns witchcraft.

So what to do?

And a bunch of similar contradictions or inconsistencies. See also, for example, this article. It is necessary to correct mistakes in my religion, I thought, then I will more accurately fulfill the Gospel, it is better to believe and sometime God have mercy on me and I will cease to be a beggar, I will no longer be beaten, I somehow agree with employers, etc.

Once I realized that as long as I had some mistakes, fixing them in parts would no longer work. As we once abandoned the entire Torah, we must now abandon the entire Gospel. Better to be a drunkard than a sectarian.

Now I am neither a drunkard, nor a sectarian anymore. I just believe in what is written in the Bible, but no longer try to accomplish what is written there. It is impossible for man. If it is impossible, why try?

To be a drunkard is no longer necessary. It is better to become a drunkard only for someone who is already worse than a drunkard, for example, for a sectarian.

So, new religion. Stop everything and read my websites and blogs.

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