Bad news

The word “Gospel” in Greek means “good news”.

I tried to preach the gospel, but I got almost all times the bad news.

The Bible teaches that we are infected with sin — a computer virus that makes us almost complete idiots (we cannot even count in our mind) and evil, greedy scum, with whom it is almost impossible to make contact. What is not bad news? (Good news on this topic appears with this revelation about the meaning of suffering and the church).

Yes, of course, the Bible teaches that one day God will deliver believers from sin. But I did not see any connection between what is happening now and what will happen after the release. If we do not see the connection, then we cannot apply the good news in practice, and in practice only bad news is obtained.

Because of the attempt to put into practice these “bad news”, my whole life became one total disaster. Attempting to preach the Gospel has become a struggle with controversy: I have to say that God gives prosperity, and I am a beggar, liberation – and I am more and more enslaved, etc.

I ended up plunging in essentially witchcraft.

Angels from the sky began to “glorify” me on TV, controlling the brains of people speaking on TV and inserting phrases with double meaning in their speech, but this was also bad news: it was almost impossible for angels to say correctly: instead of “God” “Devil”, etc. It was about total control of aliens over people’s brains, unsuccessful attempt to save the world and the threat of nuclear war for refusing to accept a messenger from God who wants to save the world, etc. In general, in one phrase, “bad news”.

Where is the solution? How to stop bad news, witchcraft, poverty, lack of contact? We must abandon the attempt to achieve good news ourselves and pass this task to God, just as we once refused to follow the law of the Torah. Read here.


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