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I am now sending the press release of the book End of Gospel.

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Subject: When Biblical Theology Fails: New Book Explores the End of Gospel

** Gospel terminates itself **

Ashdod, Israel, 2010 May 11.
A press release of a book – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.
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In the book “End of Gospel” I affirm that New Testament denies itself in the same way as it denies Old Testament. The outcome of Gospel is End of Gospel. Following strict theological rules of interpreting New Testament we necessarily come to termination of Gospel because Gospel terminates itself. Also the book contains several amazing personal stories.

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I as believer in Bible following the laws of biblical theology discover that Gospel rejects itself like it rejects Old Testament leaving it as only a teaching example. In the last days of this world comes the revelation of End of Gospel. I ask in this book several hard questions about Christian religion and answer them, so freeing us from theological contradictions which were obstacles on our ways. I affirm that Christ has come to the Earth and saved as by mistake (not His own mistake surely as He never mistakes), that we should deal away with the letter of Gospel, that following Gospel is dangerous but God frees us from this kind of slavery. I explain what mean the words “Christ” and “soul” in New Testament, solving the problem whether a man thinks with brain or soul/spirit. I state that the doctrine of free salvation was a kind of provocation by Christ which this way frees us from pride. I tell that apostles were the worst people on the Earth not the best. I tell about my spiritual war and conflict with the world. I analyze words of Jesus about sexual relations, showing that He has not deprecated divorce. I tell an unbelievable story how Holy Spirit transformed me into a superman with super-computer brain which I was about a month and then have fallen (transformed into a common man again). I ask whether the catastrophes of Apocalypse may be canceled since we are not slaves anymore but friends of God, describing one of these catastrophes, a falling comet. I tell about the DNA of Jesus and some other things.

This knowledge has freed me from the conflict with the world. This can also set free other Christians in different situations. (Jn. 8:32) “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

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